Custom Web Development

A Web Content Management System (WCMS) is a software system which is  created to help provide the administrator and ease to manage the  contents like website authoring and administration tools.  Designed in a manner to allow users with little or no knowledge of web programming or designing  to create and manage the site's contents images  with relative ease.
As a popular CMS developer in Goa, we develop software system used to control a dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents, images and other forms of media).  A CMS facilitates document control, auditing, editing, and timeline management.

 Automated templates
A WCMS typically has standard output templates (usually HTML and XML) that can be automatically applied to new and existing content, allowing the appearance of all content to be changed from one central place. Normally  used in word press or jhoomla, which we do for clients only on special requests,
We normally give a customized CMS site unlike others who use readymade templates limiting the look and feel like a clone of another site developed by them. Our no two WCMS sites look alike.
This makes us stand out in the long run, The facilities we give are distinctive.

 Easily editable content 
Once content is separated from the visual presentation of a site, it usually becomes much easier and quicker to edit and manipulate. Most WCMS software includes a special user friendly feature popularly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing tools allowing any individual to create and edit content and images..             

 Scalable feature sets     
Our WCMS software includes plug-ins or modules that can be easily installed to extend an existing site's functionality and as per your needs additional features can also be added to the WCMS,  Like Back end management software’s with front logins on requests.         

 Web standards upgrades            
Active WCMS software usually receives regular updates that include new feature sets and keep the system up to current web standards.                

 Workflow management
Workflow is the process of creating cycles of sequential and parallel tasks that must be accomplished in the CMS. For example, a content creator can submit a story, but it is not published until the copy editor cleans it up and the editor-in-chief approves it.            

Some CMS software allows for various user groups to have limited privileges over specific content on the website, spreading out the responsibility of content management.           

 Document management             
CMS software may provide a means of managing the life cycle of a document from initial creation time, through revisions, publication, archive, and document destruction.              

Types of CMS available. {change the images and sequence of each cms type, first given  here can be displayed last etc. }

  Mulitple Level CMS System   User Management System   Services Management System
   Multiple category / sub category   Customer Login   Add multiple category services
   Mulitple level data entries   Forgot Password   Show / Hide services
   Mulitple uploaded files    New user signup    Separate section on website for Services.
   Mulitple images    Edit Profile   Add images for each service.
   Photo Gallery upload (add, edit, delete)    Enquiry manager    
  News Management System   FAQ Management System   Client Files Management System
   News display in user section   Real time visitors list   .pdf / .doc / .xls / .ppt download facility
   Ability to insert news from admin   Visitor navigation history   Upload and email timesheets
   Edit delete news from admin section   Monitor visitors IP and location    Case study management with file upload.
  Testimonial Management System   Photo Gallery Management System   News Letter Module
  Testimonials Display in user section   Add small / big images online   Add newsletters
  Facility for clients to add testimonials    Modify, edit, delete images   Edit newsletters
   Add, modify delete from admin   Show / hide images    Delete newsletters
          Send HTML newsletters
  CMS Software Other Features        
   Mailing Support        
  RSS Feeds        
  Google analytics integration        
  Poll / Vote Management        
  Integration with Facebook, Twitter        
  Inquiry management system        
  Video Streaming        
  URL Mapping SEO software