AJAX Development

Ajax is a set of inter-related web development techniques used for developing interactive web applications. Today, web applications require fast and interactive development and Ajax-style programming eases the problem by meeting the page loading needs of HTML/HTTP- based web pages. It is a cross platform technique that can be employed on different operating systems, computer architectures and web browsers. It is based on open standards like JavaScript and DOM.

At Profit By Outsourcing developers based on their years of experience have incorporated AJAX framework development like Standard representation of website by using XHTML and CSS techniques; Dynamic display and interaction by using DOM; Data manipulation and interchange using XML and XSLT; Data retrieval using XML Http Request; JavaScript binding for everything into one.All the major Google applications and the latest beta versions of applications are Ajax applications.

Profit By Outsourcing developers have expertise in building Enterprise class software solutions using AJAX technology and are multi-skilled in technologies like Microsoft .Net, Oracle and Java Platforms. Ajax provides a flexible platform for developing rich web applications and allows a rich user experience to web users.

AJAX merges the following technologies:

     XML and XSLT for data exchange
     HTML or XHTML as mark up language
     CSS for creating custom styles
     Document Object Model (DOM)
     Client-end scripting language like JavaScript
     XML Http Request object for asynchronous data exchange with the web server